Radial Club Hand

Radial Club Hand

About Radial Club Hand

Some children are born with underdeveloped or missing radius bond in arms. The child's hand is twisted towards his body due to a missing or undeveloped radius bone. It's quite unusual for a youngster to be born with a radical club hand. However, the degree of radical club hand varies from kid to child. Radical club hand is divided into four stages according on severity: kinds I, II, III, and IV. The parents, on the other hand, must get the child's radical club hand treated by a qualified orthopaedic as soon as possible.


Normally, radical club hand is caused due to underdeveloped or missing radius bond in arms. However, a child's illness might impair one or both hands. Furthermore, the problem manifests itself at the very early stages of pregnancy. Unilateral radical club hand can be inherited by a child for no apparent reason. Bilateral radical club hand, on the other hand, is caused by particular health disorders or syndromes involving the heart, kidneys, or blood cells.


An experienced orthopaedic can treat radical club hand in a number of ways. However, expert orthopaedics always choose the best treatment strategy for the kid based on the severity of the radical club hand and the child's overall health. Stretches, splints, and other therapy activities are used to address the disease non-surgically at first. If the disease persists despite the therapeutic activities, they will stretch the soft tissues surgically. The orthopaedic surgeon must undertake surgery according on the severity of the radical club hand. They may be required to perform many procedures over a period of time.