Trigger Thumb

Trigger Thumb

About Trigger Thumb

As a painful condition, trigger thumb make a child’s fingers or thumb catch, click, or pop while straightening.The child's triggered thumb might also lock in a bent position. To straighten the thumb lock, the youngster must use the other hand. Adults who often move their fingers and thumbs are more prone to acquire trigger thumb. As a result, musicians, farmers, industrial workers, and smokers are all affected.


Normally, children have trigger thumbs between the ages of one to three. They can also have a triggered thumb in one or both hands. Trigger thumb, on the other hand, is not caused by an accident or a medical condition. To accurately determine the origins and symptoms of the child's trigger thumb, the parents must have it inspected and evaluated by a competent orthopaedic.


The experienced orthopaedics initially treat trigger thumb through stretching, splitting, and message. They encourage parents to have their children stretch and conduct message exercises on a daily basis. They may even use a thumb splint to stretch and straighten the child's thumb based on the symptoms. If the first therapy fails, the orthopaedic surgeon will conduct a particular day surgery to treat the trigger thumb. Trigger thumb is treated surgically with trigger thumb release or A1 pulley release.